Karpacz is an exceptionally charming tourist town at the foot of Śnieżka (1603 m). It attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Attractive location, natural beauty, many interesting places and monuments are the reasons of its popularity.

Karpacz offers many attractions all year round. Every tourist should visit the modern museum Karkonoskie Tajemnice (Mysteries of Karkonosze), where we can find numerous extraordinary exhibits, including the skeleton of the Mountain Spirit and the machinery to pluck mandrake. For true sport enthusiasts a visit to the Museum of Sport and Tourism is a must. We also recommend visiting the Vang stave church, which was built on the model of the finest examples of Scandinavian wooden church architecture and provides invaluable work of the ancient Nordic art. It was based on a Viking ship and build without nails, using only wooden dowels.

On a sunny day, take a walk to the Dziki Wodospad (Wild Waterfall), the Firewall on Łomnica river and Skwer Śladów Zdobywców (Traces of Conquerors Square). On the square you can find footprints in bronze of, among others, Jerzy Kukuczka and Andrzej Zawada, and Krucze Skały (Raven Rocks) with its great deal of urban legends. Lovers of ski jumping should see Orlinek – a ski jumping hill. In the summer it becomes a center of extreme sports: bungee jumping, abseiling, and besides, it is a great scenic overlook.

Families with children can spend time visiting the Toy Museum – beautiful exhibits from the collections of Henryk Tomaszewski, founder of the Wroclaw Mime Theater, Tales Park, Lego exhibition, Private Museum of Technology and Lego Buildings, Fairy-tale Hut or they can slide at the Summer Tobogganing or Alpine Bobsleigh Run ALPINE-COASTER.

Mountain hiking enthusiasts have a choice of many scenic hiking trails, including the well-marked mountain trails. While on the trail, tired travelers can rest in the following shelters: Dom Śląski, Samotnia, Strzecha Akademicka and Nad Łomniczką.

In the winter, skiing enthusiasts can choose from numerous ski lifts, they can use an ice rink, snowshoes, snowmobiles or enjoy snow tubing.

Around 120 sport, cultural and entertainment events are organized each year in Karpacz. Full list can be found on the municipal website www.karpacz.pl.

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