Where is it?

Karpacz it is a lovely city on the south of Poland close to Czech Border. Very easy to be there. You can go by car. From Amsterdam just 8h drive (920km), from Berlin 3,5h (320 km), Prague just 180km but you need to cross mountains so it is almost 3 hours by car.
Our hotel is also our playing room it is in the city center. Name of the hotel “Nowa Królowa Karkonoszy“, address: 58-540 Karpacz, Konstytucji 3 Maja 22.


Shuttle bus for our tournament!  CANCELED!  

JULY 2017
We apologize, there is no plane  from Eindhoven September 2nd. We can not organize shuttle bus on that day. We will organize bus  AFTER tournament depend on our guests request. Airport is really well communicated with center of Wroclaw (Wroclaw airport). Then You can use bus or trains. f You are in JELENIA GÓRA (NOT ZIELONA GORA!) we will pick up You by car (for free) to our hotel or You can use public transport (depending on Your wish). For our transfer by car from Jelenia Góra train station on September 2nd, special mobile will be available. Please mail us if You are interested in, we will send You number of this phone about August 25th.


How to be there?

  • By train. Look for Jelenia Góra (a lot of direct connections from Warsaw and other major Polish cities) and You are very close to venue. If You inform us – we will pick up You for free from train station (20 minutes by car).
    Link to train connections
  • By plane. Use very nice Wroclaw airport. Airport is very close to the city center and You can continue by train to Jelenia Góra. Very good option for people not so far from Eindhoven! You can fly by WizzAir.  
  • Any other question connected? Just mail us! (polishopen@warcaby.pl)


How much it costs?

It depend on Your choice. All hotel is occupied by draughts people so you do not need single room. Look at the table below to see the prices:


This is for the hotel + breakfast + dinner + supper from supper 2nd up to breakfast on 10th (8 nights).

Do not forget to add 50 euro as a competition fee. If You like to stay in another hotel – You competitions fee is 100 euro.


Shell I stay longer?

You are WELCOME!  The prices are accordingly to the table.


How to pay?

Just use euro bank account of Polish Draughts Federation BIC: INGBPLPW IBAN PL 65 1050 1559 1000 0090 8003 2700 (account owner: Polski Związek Warcabowy, Cukrowa 49-2, 71004 Szczecin).


Can I pay in cash?

No. Sorry for inconvenience but cash will be used only to give a prizes. If You have a problem with bank transfer just use our application system and pay using pay-pall. You do not need personal pay-pall account – You can pay using credit card. This will be open on March 1st.


What about visa?

You need it? No problem! But send us (polishopen@warcaby.pl) scan of Your passport and everything will be done really fast.


How to join us?

Very easy – just mail us (polishopen@warcaby.pl)